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Manufacturer and Supplier of of Brass Billets rods Copper alloy Extrusions, Brass Profile, Bronze Profile Section

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We are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of non ferrous alloys, copper & copper alloy tubes, Brass billets Rods, Copper Alloy Ingots, Brass Ingots, Bronze Ingots, Zinc Ingots, Lead Ingots, Copper Alloy Billets, Brass Billets, Bronze Billets, Zinc Billets, Rods / Bars Copper Alloy Rods / bars, Brass Rods / bars, Bronze bars / Rods, Profiles Copper Alloy profile, Brass profile, Bronze profile, Pipes / Tubes Copper Alloy Pipes / Tubes, Brass profile Pipes / Tubes, Bronze profile Pipes / Tubes, Sheets Copper alloy sheets, Brass Sheets Bronze, Brass Billets Rods.

We are constantly endeavoring to offer high quality products. Through commitment with quality, cutting edge technology and innovation, we have found a foothold in the industry. Our splendid range of products are of high quality and endurance. We upgrade our technology to face the global challenges and to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. We are a customer driven company which makes satisfaction of our client our priority set up a state of art manufacturing facility for melting, casting, extrusion, cold drawing, finishing, inspection & testing .

Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.copper alloy extrusions, extruded brass rod, extruded profile, extruded section, brass and copper scrap, zinc ingots, brass extrusions, rods, sections, profiles, honey scrap, buyer of scrap, birch copper scrap, copper scrap, Brass Billets Rods, manufacturer, exporter, importer, scrap importer, jamnagar, india

High copper alloys -
Electrolytic Copper, Oxygen Free Copper, DHP Copper, Silver Bearing Copper Tin Bearing Copper, Silicon Bronze and Tellurium Copper

Brass -
( Copper Zinc Alloys ) - Yellow Brass(65:35), Cartridge Brass (70:30), Admirality Brass, Tombac(80:20), Red Brass (85:15), Commercial Brass (87:13), Admirality Brass
Arsenical Brass.

Phosphor Bronze -
(Copper Tin Alloys)- Tin from 1%-8%, Balance-copper, Leaded Phosphor Bronze.

Nickel Silver -
(Copper, Nickel & Zinc Alloy) 6%,10%,12% Nickel, 65% Copper, Balance-Zinc
Other Special Alloys on Request.

Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.